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redditGuide to countering the lvl 13 pay to win issue and getting your deck level 13 asap

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So I quit the game around 2 years ago because I had reached a point in the game where skill did not matter and it was about "who has the most level 13 cards that overpower your own cards even though they shouldn't" (For you people that want to comment "That's a lie, it IS about the skill level" I want you to think about how level 10 arrows will not kill a level 13 princess, that should not happen under any circumstances, and that is one of many pay to win examples).

To be frank, in my 5 total years of playing, I have a total of 3 level 13 cards as of writing this which took me an astronomical amount of time and effort to get with 0 in app purchases.

Now let's get straight to business, how do you actually get cards to level 13 in this pay to win environment?

There are 2 ways, one which is faster than the other.

Method 1, the slow method:

This method will allow you to get as many cards as possible with "no effort whatsoever" without having to pay a single cent.

Here's how it works:

- Auto lose as many matches as possible to lower your ratings as much as possible to forcefully lower your arena

Why would you do this?

If you have tried this once, you will know that there comes a point where you get matched against people that are also forcefully bringing down their trophies and letting you 3-crown them, that's exactly what you are aiming for. You want to lower your trophies as much as possible to the point where you play against people that let you win without resisting.

This means that all you have to do during the day is have your phone/tablet on the side while you work, find a battle, press the chat bubble and say "Good game" a bunch of times while also tossing spells at their king tower for bonus points. This makes the enemy immediately know you forfeit and they will end you as fast as possible, sometimes within 20 seconds for the competent opponents.

Once you start meeting people that let you win consistently you can move on to the next step: Crown collecting.

For a while Supercell released the pay to win "monthly pass" which gives you incredibly unfair growth advantages if you pay and free chests if you don't. Your goal is to put in as little effort as possible to collect crowns until you can't advance to the next tier. When you reach low enough trophies and people just let you win you can easily collect 20+ crowns in a matter of 5-15 minutes. That's all you need to do, just beat people that let you win, get their crowns, open the chests and get up in the tiers.

What I also do is use all of the gold I get to buy-out all of the commons and rares from the shop that resets daily (Not the rares, they're overpriced for no reason).

If you have enough skill and are competent enough to get 12 wins in the 10 gem classic challenges you get a free 2000 gold and 100 cards, but this takes so much effort which I don't feel like giving for this game, up to you whether you want to try it or not, 2000 gold isn't worth the time investment anyways imo.

Once you reach the final tier you get the book that lets you get all necessary cards to upgrade a card to the next level which is what you are aiming for. Get that one deck of yours to level 13 before trying to actually play the game at a relevant level. I personally don't play anymore after the final tier is reached since any effort above that is pretty irrelevant and a complete waste of time and just wait out the next season's rewards.

Congratulations! You now have a way to max out your cards at the fastest possible speed with a minimum time investment and no effort whatsoever, truly a game that requires skill for sure.

Method 2, pay for the pass:

Literally the same as method 1, dont put in any effort, lower your trophies, 3 crown people that let u win, get as many crowns as possible in a day, u might even finish all tiers in a day who knows... You get both free and paid rewards (which are incredibly broken and should not exist imo)

If you want to complain about my methods, feel free not to, nobody cares about your opinion, you're probably a pay to win player if you're in a position to complain about normal people getting to your level with a minimal time investment and no mommy's wallet.

TLDR: Lose games on purpose, 3 crown people that let you win, get pass rewards as fast as possible with minimal time investment and effort, repeat

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