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redditThis game is still being played, despite the fact that it lacks any sort of balanced matchmaking, and I think it's super cute.

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I feel like Supercell needs to find a way to give to these players who are still here, still playing.

I got into Clash Royale when it launched globally, and played it for the first year, I never experienced a more rigged game with a worse matchmaking, back then I left knowing it would be improved some time after.

In the meanwhile Supercell made Brawl Stars, which is indeed the best mobile game ever created, it still has a bad matchmaking, but everything about it is very polished, balanced and interesting (except for gems).

One of my friends got back into CR, so I followed along, it's been so long, and this game is even worse. Levels rarely matter, but you'd still lose to a higher level opponent, matches are never equal, you either obliterate your enemy, or the enemy obliterates you, it's anything but fun and then it hit me.

I was in a clan ever since my first playthrough, there were people playing all along, they are the real heroes of this game, these people know how unbalanced and tedious it is, and they are still playing.

They shall be awarded with some gems, chests or something. Poor souls.

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