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A Ladder Rant

Soul Crusher

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An additional 2 holes have magically appeared in my headboard today, and it seems the combustion agent is lvl 13 ladder scrubs who dont get to master 3 where they belong. Match after match, loss after crippling loss, there is no end to this hellish torment. Over the years its caused so much damage that I now have a desire to expand those boundaries with fantasies of performing exploratory surgery with an indian war club on my 2800 dollar computer flashing before my eyes.

Part of me even wishes I made 70,000 dollars a year just so I can blow 15k to max out this fucking infuriating game. This level of pure annoyance when it comes to people with max lvl cards who play like bots is unrivaled. The closest comparison if any is when you're a seasoned war veteran armed with a 17th century musket and you are trying to defend your home from two 15 year old couch potatoes armed with civilian grade AA12 shotguns at point blank range, you will probably get one of them, but they have more firepower.

All formalities aside, I have absolutely no clue how the ladder system displays this poor of an experience at such a high frequency. I dont see why a system that matches players with similar card levels would pose an issue. The player base is huge, both with free to play regular Joe's and people who spend their great grandmothers trust fund on something nontangable. Please just allow highly skilled and talented players sit in their respective trophy ranks, the concept of card levels and their respective power cripples the games integrity to those who dont fork out their social security check. Strip the entire level system and put in a different level system based on aesthetics, leaving the card on a fixed power, no matter the level. But alas, even I have to admit that it is a fantasy that will never morph, the game's foundation is on money grabbing.

F in the chat bois

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