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I was thinking troop sacrificing cards. Basically instead of using your elixir you can sacrifice your troops that are on the field that are not towers in order to bring out a much stronger card it also would use up x amount of your own elixir. Say you have a bunch of troops that are heading on the into the back enemies territory and you got about 20 worth elixir on the battlefield you have this sacrificial troop monster that will consume 30 elixir. So 10 of your own 20 on the field or 30 on the field and none of your own. The amount of elixir to sacrifice and can vary card to card. But the whole cards themes are basically I think demons would be really great idea demon cards where the whole entire premise is to sacrifice something. A building troops towers whatever as an alternative payment

Another good card idea would be time warping. Kind of similar to that of Magicka gathering. Where where you could pay the elixir or you don't pay any elixir but you have to wait till 20 seconds into the battle or 30 seconds or 40 seconds okay but it doesn't cost you any elixir whatsoever the cards not on the field it stays put or maybe it does cost elixir but you can choose to either pay five elixir for instance spawning or two elixir and wait 40 seconds for it to spawn. Kind of similar to the goblin cage but I wanted to be a little bit better than the goblin cage I wanted to be like a troop Where you can make a choice whether to summon it and charge into battle or you could just remove it from Play wait a few minutes and then it summons for you and when it summons it consumes x amount of elixir which is a lot which will be the other half the elixir. So say it to 10 elixir creature you use the five elixir option. It's suspended and removed from the game permanently so you can't use it until it's dead. But once it's summoned it consumes another five elixir. I don't know it's just something that I'd like to see.

Or how about a hive species type of clash Royale deck. Where each troop has ads and ability to all the other troops kind of like the slivers from magic the gathering. Sort of now that would be really interesting to see in clash Royale Like you have this five electric card that gains an ability once it's paired with another troop on the field

A really good troop idea is the builder troop. Where all he does is just keep your huts alive and your buildings alive. Very weak he can be destroyed with logs zaps pretty much anything you toss at him he instantly dies. He doesn't attack and if there's nothing to build he just walks on to the enemy's side and gets himself killed but he would be a legendary card

I don't know I'm just bored play on my ideas and make your own

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