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reddit[Strategy] Archetypes: Heavy Control

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What’s up guys, HR here. Today I will be going over heavier based control decks. There are two types that I would like to go over, each with two completely different playstyles. With that said, I hope you guys enjoy.

The firm grip of Control: What are the two styles of control decks and what cards are in them that make them work

Control is a very odd archetype in comparison to beatdown and bait. It is a category that consists of two different kinds of play styles, both almost polar opposite to each other. A slow paced, counter attacking kind of deck (like Graveyard) and a very aggressive paced, punishment kind of deck (like PEKKA.) The main idea though is actually the same however, and that is fully control how fast the game goes and restrict the opponent’s ability to comfortably play the match to their liking.

Let’s look at what cards make “slow” control decks work. First, the Win Condition of these control decks have to be able to either take a tower completely or at least deal some damage to the tower relatively quickly when improperly defended. The three most common win conditions of this sub archetype is Graveyard, Balloon, and X-bow. All of them can deal massive damage and can even take a tower on the first time you place it. Or it can also deal 200-300 damage of chip every time you use it.

The deck will also have a very stable defense. The most well known and notorious defense is used in not one but two of these decks, and that is the Ice Wizard + Tornado + Other splash troops.

Other defense strategies can include cards like the Royal Recruits or PEKKA, which both are very useful in shutting down pushes and then tanking a major counter push which the opponent. Some decks will even carry a spawner, like the Goblin Cage.

These decks will always carry a spell as well. That way, they can assist their win condition in taking the tower and in some cases even spell cycle.

Now, onto “faster paced” control decks. These control decks often have 3-5 elixir punishment cards like bandit, battle ram, Ram Rider, or Cannon Cart, which allow them to force out scenarios where the opponent finds themselves always forced to defend and never make a strong offense. It is crucial when playing these kinds of decks to ensure your making positive elixir trades with your punishment so that you can punish better and drain their elixir quicker.

Their true defense will consist of a high DPS card an AoE card, and a stun card;!otherwise, their “defense” will be their offense. Applying pressure from minute 3:00 to minute 0:00. They will heavily rely on their pressure to gain positive elixir trades for them, and even drain their elixir to take the tower.

It is also nice to note that many cheaper control “cycle” decks will often act similar to these types of faster control decks, using their win condition to punish rapidly.

Some examples of both types of control decks:

This deck relies on patience a ton. Beginning of the game, your just going to play defense. Take your time and don’t go aggressive, even on the counter attacks. When double elixir hits, get your defense ready. Play proper defense, with knight or Baby Dragon up high. Then play a Graveyard and when he’s recovering from a bad offense, he won’t be able to defend it properly.

Don’t play your Graveyard too early. If they defend it, your gonna be down on elixir and in a world of hurt.

I am most definitely putting you to sleep at this point. Ice bow is notorious for the defensive nature. This deck relies on, once again, playing defense through much of the game. Then using that same defense, protect an X-bow and keep it attacking the tower so you can get the tower down in OT.

Also know you can Rocket cycle if needed.

Is this technically a bait deck, not a control deck? Yes. But it still has that defense to it that many slow paced control decks carry. Using Royal Recruits, Goblin Cage, Zappies, and flying machine, you have a line up for a very elongated match, where a good player would most likely end up winning in a massive Recruits + Piggies counter push that just can’t fall.

It’s generally a better idea to play recruits very cautiously during single elixir so that your elixir is better used. In double, it’s better to play them in the back or right in front of the crown tower so that you can put more elixir behind them while they are walking forward. They are also kind of a wall of troops so its best to play them more defensively more than offensively.

Both of these decks look somewhat different yet still work very similarly. The idea here is that you apply heavy pressure with bandit and Ram, then defend with a PEKKA + Electro Wizard. With Ram Rider, you can also go with Ram Rider on defense and slow down the offense, then counter attack.

This deck is very aggressive. Make sure that your “pressure” is actually pressuring the opponent. Gain positive elixir trades and counter push, don’t spam and hand them a ton of elixir at the bridge.

Thanks for reading!


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