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first legendary building

6 elixir

range 8

lifetime 60 seconds

hit speed: depends on spell


when placed a “dice” is rolled for a random spell to be selected there are 6 possible options, rage, heal, fire, poison, slow(freeze) and knock back. This dice is visually shown on the tower floating above it or something lol as like a decoration and to tell you and your opponents what spell has been selected, each time it is placed a new one can be chosen, some of these spells can be applied to your own troops while others are applied to your opponents, pretty simple to figure out which are which I’d say. I considered a zap/electro spell but that would be annoying I feel, as I think there is already a good amount of cards that stun.

let me know what you think, maybe not legendary worthy but feels like it would be fun

submitted by /u/talented_lemon
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