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reddit[Feedback] Im sad that i literally have to pay money for the game to become a better player :/

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i played CR occasionally, the game gave me already the "5 Year" medal ... but since COVID i played quite more often and i noticed a pattern in my CR behavior.

I install it, have fun for 1 - 2 weeks, getting mad for a week, uninstall the game and then wait a month and repeat.

My problem in a nutshell is that i have to pay money to get fair matches / become a better player.

Im currently Towers LvL 11 with those cards:
lvl 10: ice golem
lvl 11: Inferno Tower, Goblin Gang, Rocket, Log, Princess, Ice Spirit
lvl 12: Goblin Barrel

Last Season i was between 5100 / 5200 ( peak 5222 ) and the game was the whole time shoving lvl 13 enemys in my face. I guess i do have 19/20 unfair games vs lvl12 or lvl 13 and then ONE game with a similar enemy.

Sadly the same happens in party mode / clanwars.

So i thought, as someone who is constantly matched against 1 - 2 higher level players, my skills should be above average and i could go to the challenge mode and play under fair circumstances.

I tried and i was really disappointed because the game was so different to play and the enemys played WAY better then i've had expected ( and kicked my butt ) ...

So i thought, whats the reason?

Sadly, due to the reason that the game is shoving always high lvl enemys in my face, im just playing and learning how to play against bad players with overpowered cards.

I mean, what should i learn against an enemy where the system thinks we're equally powerful when he has +2 lvl on everything? ...

I dont wanna play against lvl12/13 anymore.

I completely love fair and close matches against similar enemys but they happen so rare ...

Please, change something ...

can't become a better player cuz game always matches me against 1 or 2 lvl above me players so i only train/learn to beat overpowered apes in unfair situations which doesnt help against good enemys in the challenge so im completely stuck in my situation ..

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