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redditIs anyone else want to put this game down at the moment?

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It's frustrating because since they added books people have spent a lot of money just buying these books to level up their cards. I felt like books were supposed to counter act the level difference between people, but now the inaccessibility of books for ftp, make people who spend money on this game be able to over level their cards even more. On top of this the meta is shit. I only see 3 cards, megaknight, Pekka, and elite barbs. These cards combined with being max leveled makes it impossible for us ftp players win. It's obvious most of the time these people lack the skill to play the game, as these people I go against are in challenger three. If they were good, they would have the ability to go well past master three with maxed out cards. It's just frustrating and I think the books update caused as much hard as it did good.

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