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I know season 23 has only JUST started, but I have been thinking about themes, seasons, rewards and general ideas about the creative side of this game.

I started thinking about a lot of the things in-game that are actually pretty good and I feel like it is a shame we haven't gotten much more of it.

So I thought: why not submit my own idea of a theme?

Exploring themes was kind of depressing at first, because there isn't too much theme variety among the cards... But there is so much you can do with every single one of them.

I also think repeating themes isn't bad. Repeating the same thing is. I'll give you an example of this with a theme I really like: Royals.

I believe we've had this theme at least thrice now. Yet, there are many things we can explore with a theme like this:

Star levels for:

Royal Ghost (king) Prince Dark Prince Princess (not just the golden armor from the trailer!) Royal Recruits Royal Delivery

I'm no good at drawing myself, but I have lots of ideas on what they might look like! I feel like all cards are unique and should get a unique twist in they're star levels as well! Go team "blue fire" Princess!

Possible stories for events:

Royals vs Witches Players get to lock the princes and princess or lock the witches. Then add 5 cards for battle. Could be 2 seperate game modes as well.

(Mega) Knights vs (Elite) Barbarians draft battle

Royal Delivery Rain You remember when Skeleton Guards randomly popped up out of the ground? I thought it was a fun thing. Well, now it's raining men. Hallelujah! A casual laid back event. 6 wins, no losses challenge. Get free tokens, Royal Recruits and Deliveries!

Heist, with a magic coin reward on the 6th and 12th win. Or gold. Lets be honest, we need more gold😅 But this could be with a twist. Maybe a random unit spawns to your aid every time your safe takes X amount of damage. A rotation of the royal family?

Tower skins: Royal Chalices that spill their liquid when it goes down. It's grape juice. Think of the kids!


Royal Charge: Imagine the double Prince charge that ends in hitting the 4th wall in a slapstick way!

Royal Love: The Royal Ghost of the late king has a crush on the Mother Witch. Will she reciprocate? This could be a poll and would be cool to interact with the community. Could also be 2 different challenges,

Royal Selfie: I don't know what they are celebrating, but the king and his beloved children are posing for a family snap! Imagine the Ghost in the middle, the Princes casually putting their elbows on his shoulder and the Princess popping up for a photobomb right before the snap!✌🏼

Royal Giant Goblin Cannon: Hehehe. Hehehahaha!

This is just one Idea though. I believe too many people are completely missing out on all of the fun by being too focused on ladder and balance changes. I'd love to fix it with fun, games, suitable rewards and overall experiences with a game I love.

There's so much to explore with Clash Royale that I feel like it isn't appreciated enough. I'd love to help change that! I might not have the skills to bring the ideas to life, but I certainly have a lot I could provide to those who do.

But that's enough about me! What theme ideas have you come up with that you'd love to see in game? Have you made your own artwork?

Let me know in the comments!

See you all in the arena!


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