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redditThe Royal Recruits and Flying Machine need reworks

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I don't think I've seen a single player fine with the Recruits as how they are. For 7 elixir, you get a giant wall of tanky dps that denies effective opposite lane pressure. The biggest problem with the Recruits is how effectively they synergize with fireball baity cards that get tons of value, namely the Flying Machine as noted in this post, but the Magic Archer and Mother Witch are also offenders of this. The Recruits simply get too much value on offense tanking and dealing damage and especially with the bomb tower/knight nerfs the pain of the Recruits is felt acutely. This also helped them get to higher win/use rates because one of the cards that kept recruits in check really well, bomb tower, is suddenly nerfed to oblivion with the nerf to its death bomb.

The Flying Machine is another card that is a serious annoyance in the meta. Behind the Royal Recruits, the Flying Machine literally gets infinity value simply sniping everything put down on defense while sitting on the river. It basically demands the fireball or else it gets tons of value, opening up the opportunity to spam the lane with fireball baity units. Flying Machine needs to die to the Royal Delivery or something similar in order to keep it in check- it's basically a GG if you don't have fireball because it simply gets so much value unless immediately taken off the board.

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