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Ok so, it seems to me that the concept of F2P vs P2P pay to progress and pay to win have really started to heat up. My observations to the best of my ability to state this is, free to play want a game in which all players have equal level cards and revenue would be generated via skins which could be purchased. And P2P/P2W feel like their support to the game has been grossly neglected with next to no new high end content added. Additionally long term players who stood the test and grinded it all for literally years don’t want others to just get free stuff, because it negates their hard work. If I’m understanding each point correctly?

So here’s the discussion topic point.
How can you fairly turn this game into a F2P or otherwise without having spenders in masses demand refunds? If you sold skins and made all levels equal you would have to fairly compensate them for their money spent. Which in my opinion means very few would fork out new cash for this. Additionally old time grinders would feel that their literal 5+ years of work was wasted and likely want to leave. Which would under this plan in my opinion only cause new F2P players to be happy, and risk losing many top end skill players and or players of greater than 1-2 years playing. So I’m going to say I don’t think it’s a good idea or the best idea.

What is a true working solution which would actually work? Please consider your responses for all parties involved and not just yours. Ie if you’re p2w consider F2P ect.

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