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redditBalloon is a ridiculously safe card that keeps the opponent guessing.

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Balloon is an oppressive tower destroyer that easily wins games within seconds. If you don’t have the right cards equipped at the right time, you might as well close out the app.

Balloon’s health at tournament standards (which I’ll be using from here on) is comparable to many mini tanks. It is nearly a third higher than baby dragon making it a proportionally better tank considering the elixir:health ratio.

Compared to the hog rider, balloon has roughly equal health but slower speed. That’s made up for because it flies. Most decks have 3-4 air targeting cards, which severely limits counters. Additionally you can place a building to distract the balloon, but that will cause a negative elixir trade on your part. That’s due to the death bomb killing your defenses and the balloon 1-2 hitting your building card. My conclusion is that balloon is much harder to counter than hog rider.

The above was talking about a lone balloon. The real issue is the the card supporting the balloon. This is the main thing I can’t stand about the card. 50/50s are too easy to create. For those that don’t play fighting games, a 50/50 is when an opponent has 2 possible moves and you are forced to guess which one they will do. Guess wrong, take damage. Guess right, you can retaliate. The issue is guessing wrong with balloon means game over. 3 hits and your tower is gone. Here are some scenarios:

A balloon is placed. You counter with minions. They arrow them. You now have to counter a nearing balloon with at most 5 elixir.

A balloon is placed. You counter with inferno tower. He freezes. You have 5 elixir left for defense again.

A balloon is placed. You counter with inferno tower and wizard in case he freezes. He doesn’t, instead placing lumberjack in front to both stall the inferno rage the balloon.

A balloon is placed. You counter with inferno dragon. He placed electro wizard. Now you have 2 cards to deal with and 6 elixir.

The idea is that balloon is too safe of a card and is too good at its job.

I’m going to piggyback off of this to point out what freeze does: it forces you to have two defenses for each attack. In a game that relies on split-second action, freeze has no place.

My proposed solution is to remove balloon, lumberjack, freeze, electro wizard, mega knight, and witch. After that, we can nerf Xbow and elixir pump again.

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