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redditDo people (more so F2P players) forget that supercell is still a company?

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I'm really risking it here cause this place seems to be a F2P's heaven but I'm posting this anyway.

I'm seeing so many damn posts about how leveling up takes too long and that everything is just given to people who spend money on the game, and that this game is too P2W friendly. Like...no shit?

People who actually spend some money on this game SHOULD be rewarded more. They SHOULD have max leveled decks at level 11 because they're giving their MONEY to the company who owns the game their playing. If nobody spent a dime on this game and everyone was F2P, Supercell would probably end up ending this game as it's literally not making anything.

Like of course though, I get it. Clan wars 2 sucks, we all know that. There are definitely problems in this game that everybody knows and cares about being solved. What I'm focusing on is the F2P's who constantly post here and complain about getting beaten by people who actually spend their money on the game.

The people who spend stuff on here actually give money to supercell, you don't. End of story. If your sick of being low leveled and want your cards to be upgraded faster, then buy the pass. It's not that hard.

Oh, you lost a challenge to a person with the pass, who can retry it as many times as they want? Too bad, get better.

Oh, you got destroyed on ladder by some guy with every card in their deck maxed out completely? Well they gave supercell money so that's that!

Is it seriously that hard to understand? You aren't supporting the people who make and run the game you play, and the "P2Ws" ARE! Without them, this game would have never taken off and we wouldn't have this today.

Thanks for reading if you did, sorry for the rant, I just wanted to put this out here cause its a little infuriating to see so much about it. (For reference if ever needed, I started playing a year after this game originally came out, and bought the pass almost about 10 times. I've spent roughly over $100 on this game throughout the years I've been playing.)

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