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A lot of decks are considered toxic by the community and for good reason. Elixir Golem Battle Healer is a good example of this as they require negative braincells to play and is extremely easy to three crown with if your opponent is unprepared. However it's not always no skill decks that are considered toxic. Xbow is an example because it is extremely high skill but is still toxic because of it's frustrating defensive playstyle and spell cycle. So how is bait related? Logbait is similar to Xbow because of it's defensive playstyle and spell cycle. The difference is the lack of skill required to play. Xbow is as defensive as it is because any sort of mistake and their chances of winning the game plummet. Whereas with Logbait you can make several mistakes and be fine. Bait relies on rocket cycle and spamming princess at the bridge. It's nearly impossible to prevent damage from a bridgeplanted princess everytime. Even if you manage to predict all the princess spam and stop the goblin barrel, bait players will just start throwing rockets at your tower and you can do nothing about it. Bait is also extremely frustrating to play against cause of it's defensive capabilities. Inferno Tower/Tesla plus knight and goblin gang stop nearly everything. Let's say the bait player made a huge blunder and your units get past their defenses, well why bother taking tower damage when you can yeet a flying bomb at the troops. Bait is a low skilled deck because it has infinitely more room for mistakes than Xbow. Bait is a deck that has a lower skill requirement than most decks to play effectively and is one of the most frustrating things to play against. Logbait is a toxic deck that has gone under the radar for far too long cause people won't stop screaming for mega knight to be 10 elixir and do no damage.

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