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redditGiant Skeleton is now useless (for 6 elixir)

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I usually don’t like to complain about card balancing. I understand that it’s difficult to balance 100+ cards in a game with hundreds of unique interactions. I don’t know firsthand how hard it can be to make a game fair and balanced.

I will say that most of the recent balance changes have been spot on. The bomber rework was a stroke of genius. The eBarbs are finally viable and worth their 6 elixir cost. The Giant Skeleton is no longer worth its 6 elixir.

For 6 elixir at Tournament Standard, it costs more elixir and has less health than a Giant. It deals much less damage than just 2 Barbarians. It’s hit speed is 1.5, which makes its DPS even worse. The death bomb is only 2 attacks worth of damage. That’s 3 seconds worth of damage 4 seconds after the Giant Skeleton dies. The death bomb doesn’t even kill Barbarians anymore.

The Giant Skeleton is a frustrating card to play against when its strong. It used to completely shut down a push with its death bomb. Now, it’s not even scary to see. It’s not worth the 6 elixir when eBarbs are out there in every deck now.

TLDR: The CR team missed the mark on the Giant Skeleton this time.

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