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redditPass Royal ruined challenges excitement.

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It really did. Do you remember back in the days when we had 3 shots to complete a challenge? It was so much more fun than now. You prepare yourself, physically and mentally, tell everyone around that during the next 3~6 minutes you can't move nor talk, click that battle button with the frim on your face that says "I'm going to win this time, because there's no other choice". You start the battle, oh no, it's a bad matchup, opponent has counter for all of your troops. You lose your left tower, then the right is smashed, but you hold still. You realize there's no room for leaving, you can't surrender, you have to go on, there's literally no other choice. You keep pushing and boom, opponent make a mistake and invest too much elixir in one push, you defend that and build a counter push that eventually 3 crown him.

You Win! You did what you should've done! Feel that excitement? It's no longer there. It has really gone. Even for f2p players, it's not as good as it used to be. There's 2 kind of players, one who pays and the other who doesn't. I personally haven't missed a single pass since it started, because I know it's a hella good investment to get more cards and gold and to progress in general, and, at first, I was really excited about the fact that I have unlimited entries to challenges, but I realized that with pass royale I started to play the challenges only to get the rewards, it's no longer for the sake of having fun.

It's even worse when I face another player who got the pass, because he's exactly the same, he doesn't wanna have fun, he only wants to progress to get the rewards. The result is a very boring and unprofessional match. Now you'd tell me, you can simply don't buy it and have fun. Unfortunately it no longer works like that, I have a mini account and I never bought pass on it, but still I don't enjoy it. Poor match making, over leveled opponents and the progress of collecting and upgrading cards is becoming more and more terrible hard. There's no gray area, you either get the pass and the game becomes very boring, or you stick to f2p and get headaches instead of fun.

I'm not sure if this is considered (complaining) because I don't know what the solution is. I'm not complaining about pass royale, it's totally worth the cash and it helps me alot to progress. I don't know man, I really want the 2017 version of the game back, exactly as it was, it was so much fun and this game was my sanctuary, now it's not :(

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