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redditWhat was right about Clan Wars 1. Also exactly why Clan Wars 2 sucks.

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Clan Wars 1 had so much good stuff, it's hard to see that the same team that came up with that couldn't see how Clan Wars 2 is none of that.


Once card collection was done, the clans were super active trying to figure out what decks worked best given the random card selection. There were practice matches, you actually wanted to watch other people's replays because it benefitted you. Overall this built a great sense of team.

Clan wars 2 has nothing remotely like that.

Participation Trophies

Winning was important, there was prestige about being a winner. Clans would actively vet for people with a certain number of war wins. We'd prefer you not compete if you weren't going to finish your battles or throw the games. This meant that you cared who was on the team.

Clan Wars 2. Now you just want pretty much anyone who will grind when the clock strikes the hour. This is not fun.

Deck Variety

From different decks for the different challenge types, to come challenges coming with drafts or classic decks, there was a huge amount of variety in what I played. I played with every card in the game and it was fun. Now I have to change decks in ladder or a challenge where I will just get murdered if I want to try something new. From the challenges to the final war with random decks I learnt to like different cards so I swapped cards more and the game stayed fresher.

Now there is basically anti-incentive to change decks as you will just lose for a very long period. I haven't really updated my deck since CW2 came out. Clan Wars 2 can't even change decks during a cool down period, what genius came up with the idea of not letting me fix my deck while I can remember why it's broken? I get it's a little more complex UX but figure it out. It's been so long since it was released and it's still like this.


If we ignore the cosmetics, Clan wars 2 really only brought duels and the boat battle thing to the table. Except there is no real reason to do boat battles and duel is like a single challenge mode, fun but not when it's all you do. On the other hand, Clan Wars 2 destroyed teamwork, the importance of winning in a clan, variety of game mode play and the variety of cards people use regularly.

Tweaks and small changes won't fix this. If there is any way the team could just swallow its pride and go back to Clan Wars 1, they could bring duel and boat battles in as challenge types to be mixed in with the others if they want. You can even keep most of the cosmetic boat and river stuff and say you've not really gone back to old CW1, we just need the actual playing mechanics fixed so it's more fun again.

If anyone from supercell reads this, I understand that player feedback can be confusing and that there will always be a few people who love boat grind and people hate change initially but the majority of the feedback that I've seen has overwhelmingly negative about clan wars 2 and not just I hate it it's different Nrrrr but a lot of it quite well thought out. It's been a long time since CW2 was released now, it's not a matter of getting used to it, it's just a hell of a lot worse.

It's a great game but you've broken about half of what was great about it. Please fix

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