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Toxicity is a subjective feeling unique for every player.

For many cards people claim to be toxic, two reasons often appear:

  1. The card is overused

  2. The card is low skill

In contrast, Xbow is neither of those, being one of the least used win conditions and commonly agreed on by pros to be high skill.

So why is Xbow considered toxic by so many? For pros and casuals alike, many have expressed their disdain for this card time and time again.

What is it about Xbow that creates a toxic feeling for so many?

The answer lies in one word.


More specifically, the lack thereof.

For most matches in the game, the flow goes like this:

Player 1 attacks

Player 2 defends

Player 2 counterpushes

Player 1 defends

Player 1 counterpushes

And so on...

This is the fundamental dynamic of a match, two players going back and forth trading blows between one another.

For every attack you make, you can expect an attack in return.

For every successful defense, you can expect your opponents to follow suit.

Xbow, however, breaks all of these.

For one, Xbow breaks the dynamic of matches.

Since Xbow never crosses the bridge, you as the opponent are never actually defending.

For the duration of the entire match, you are always attacking, never playing on your side of the arena.

There is no back and forth, only you pushing forward into your opponent non stop for the entire match.

This creates the second problem...

Xbow breaks the dynamic of decks.

The fact that Xbow never interacts with the Arena Tower changes everything.

As players cannot rely on their Towers like they did for everything else, they have to engage the card themselves.

However, since Xbow stays on the opposite arena, defensive cards like Tornado and Buildings are much less effective than they usually are.

Therefore, a player must defend using their Offensive options.

This means for every match against Xbow, half of your deck will become useless and serve as nothing but distractions.

You have to keep using the same Offense cards over and over again to effectively stop the Xbow, which in turn creates the final problem...

Xbow breaks the dynamic of matches, again.

Essentially, when playing against Xbow, you have to attack and defend with the same cards.

The problem is, for every attack you launch at an Xbow, you lose a chance at attacking the Enemy Tower.

This is something that would have never happened with other win conditions, as you would have stopped them using one card and then counterpushed with another.

With Xbow however, since you never defend, there is never a counterpush.

There is only attacking, attacking, and more attacking.


Is Xbow an broken card?

Of course not.

As said in the beginning, toxicity is a subjective feeling unique for every player, no one can feel the same way about the same thing as anyone else.

The only reason Xbow is so much complained about is because no other card works the same as it is, Mortar comes close, but still not enough.

Xbow is toxic because it is unique, because nothing else acts like it does.

If more cards acted the same as Xbow, no one would have been complaining as much.

For now, however, Xbow shall still be the one and only.


Thanks for reading.

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