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redditX-bow help: wich one is better? Ice-bow or X-bow 3.0.

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Most X-bow players have to decide wich deck they wanns play, X-bow 3.0 or Icebow control. Here are the basics to learn the deck, and the comparisons. Chose the deck wich reflects your play style!


**Consists of: X-Bow, Rocket, Ice Wizard, Knight, Tornado, Tesla, Skeletons, The Log

Shortest Cycle: Skeletons (1) --> The Log (2) --> Knight (3) --> Ice Wizard (3) = 9 Elixir

Main Win Conditions: X-Bow

Supporting Win Conditions: Rocket

Average Cost: 3.5 Elixir

X-BOW 3.0

Consists of: X-Bow, Tesla, The Log, Skeletons, Knight, Archers, Fireball, Ice Spirit

Shortest Cycle: Ice Spirit (1) --> Skeletons (1) --> The Log (2) --> Archers (3) = 6 Elixir

Main Win Conditions: X-Bow

Supporting Win Conditions: Fireball, The Log

Average Cost: 3.0 Elixir



X-Bow: Main Win Condition within your deck. Unlike Other X-Bow decks, this card could also used to bait cards depending on variation. Also according to your variation, it can also be left undefended to force an expensive, possibly easily counterable response.

Rocket: Your Secondary Win Condition. Use it with Tornado to clump up troops for a positive elixir trade. You can also try to rocket cycle when you are up against a bad matchup (Beatdown, For example)

Ice Wizard: The Support Troop of the deck. This card can be used to give you more time to gather elixir. Can also be used to stall the enemies trying to destroy the X-Bow.

Knight: The Mini-Tank of the deck. Although it is one of the cards used in a cycle, be careful. It's your only counter to Glass Cannons and is your only Mini-Tank. This card is currently, as of March 7, a very powerful card for it's cost.

Tornado: The "Control Card" of the deck. Can be used to clump up units to hit them all with a Rocket. This can also force a King Activation. But what it mostly is used for is to get units out of the X-Bow's range for it to target the tower.

Tesla: One of the best Synergies of X-Bow. This card covers the weaknesses of the X-Bows like tanks and air. It is also very cheap, and with the cheapest cycle at 9 elixir, you can get another Tesla within the same time. But it's main purpose is in defence.

Skeletons: The Cycle Card of the deck. But can be useful in multiple scenarios like distracting P.E.K.K.A.s and Sparkies. At 1 elixir, it can deal a lot of damage for such a cheap cost.

The Log: Used as the Light Spell of the deck. Be careful when Cycling it though. It's your only effective counter to swarms. You can use Tornado, but that would be a waste of a spell. And with it's knockback mechanic, it's very versatile.

X-BOW 3.0

X-Bow: Once again, your main Win Condition. But this time, make use of your cycle to outcycle your opponent's counter. This variation, you might need to overcommit elixir to protect your X-Bow.

Tesla: The defensive card once again. But due to it's cheapest cycle being 6 elixir and the Tesla being 4 elixir, at full elixir you could cycle back to your Tesla and being able to deploy it immediately.

The Log: The Log is your Light Spell in this deck. But unlike in IceBow, it is not your only counter to swarms. This is also is the more preferred spell cycle due to it being able to be done each time you reach 6 elixir.

Skeletons: Skeletons is once agin your Cycle card and your distraction card. At 1 elixir, this also can be used to stall your opponent's troops by a few seconds.

Knight: The Knight is your Mini-Tank. The Knight is currently substituting the Ice-Golem due to the current META, thus the rise of 3.0. Again, this is your only Mini-Tank, so be weary of cycling it.

Archers: The other counter to swarms I was talking about earlier. The Archers are also useful for Anti-Air. Overall, the main support card of 3.0. They also can be split at the back for some chip damage.

Fireball: The Heavy spell of the deck. Although not as powerful as the Rocket, it does has a larger AOE and is cheaper. This also gives you a larger time frame to clip up troops with said spell.

Ice Spirit: Another Cycle card, but unlike the Skeletons, they can reset the attack frame of a cards like Sparky ans Inferno Dragons. They also make the troops retarget, and this is crucial against RG matchups where you placed your Counter too late.


DEFENCE : X-Bow 3.0

IceBow has a strong Defence in the Tesla and Ice Wizard. But it's slower cycle quite brings it down since there are times when you need a spell that's out of cycle to counter, let's say The Log for RG. X-Bow 3.0 has a faster cycle and has more defensive capabilities with Archers, Ice Spirit, Tesla and a Cheaper Heavy spell, the Fireball. Even though it has no "Control Card", it still has a better defensive nature.

ATTACK : IceBow Control

With Cards like Tornado and Rocket, Spell Cycle is actually viable in an actual game. The Ice Wizard also makes stronger pushes and increases the time your X-Bow can decimate your opponent's tower. 3.0 boasts very few offensive cards, thus making it more harder to destroy a tower


Just that the entire 3.0 deck has a full blown web of synergies must be enough to verify it's place as a better synergy.

VERSATILITY : IceBow Control

The ability of a IceBow Defence to be easily translated into a counter push. Unlike 3.0, IceBow has the Ice Wizard, making every push a bit more stronger. It also has the Air coverage with the Tesla to kite and the Ice Wizard to slow. Your strategy can switch to Rocket Cycle in times of desperation.


IceBow Control has a major disadvantage to 3.0, taht being Air Superiority. A Balloon will take at most 17 elixir to stop with IceBow, that is, if you are quick enough. That is 4 for the Tesla to kite, 3 for the Ice Wizard to slow, 6 to cycle to a new Tesla and 4 more to place the next Tesla. Unlike in 3.0, where all you need is 4 elixir, 1 for the Ice spirit and 3 for the archers. Another way of dealing with a Balloon is by a Rocket, then that would be a 6 for 5 trade and would likely be a waste of a Big Spell.

The Problem with 3.0 has to be it's offensive capability. A Lock-On is very hard to achieve with said deck. But it can be solved with spells.


From my experience, 3.0 serves as a better deck, and easier to learn. But both of the decks take equally long to master.

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