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redditCan we have heal back? And did skeleton dragons scrap beta minion entirely?

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It’s kind of weird to me that an entire card was removed from the game just because it was “unusable,” when there are plenty of other cards that basically have no use either. I wish we could have it back, just to use in fun decks like 3M or stuff.

Obviously, if they brought back the one elixir cost spell it would practically be the same as the spirit; so my ideal change to it would to either:

Make it it’s four elixir variant

Or even better,

Make it brand new with a much larger radius and an extended time in the arena. Maybe make it three elixir with less heal than the four elixir card. Making heal act as a “field amplifying” card like the rage may change it to be different enough from the spirit.

I just generally don’t like that it was removed, especially in this era of CR where cards are coming out every seven months. Bringing back heal would technically count as a new card, and may at least give some hype to the next update.

On the removed card note, beta minions being replaced by skeleton dragons was not the play. I remember that in the skeleton dragons update reveal trailer, the devs said that beta minions were scrapped because the skeleton dragons design was better, so they just merged the two cards.

Yet, I still feel like just a simple long ranged minion card is entirely different from what the dragons do. I don’t see how the dragons and the minions gameplay were somehow similar, so it only makes sense to add the minions separately. I would love to see beta minions come to the game possibly with the exact mechanics of how they play in COC.

It’s been quite a while sense they talked about the minions, so I feel like I should be fine without them, but it still is somewhat triggering to hear the devs talk about a card being scrapped, because it was too “similar.”

Rip beta minions. Also, good for you if you read all the way down this post.

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