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Some argue that overlevelling is okay because it makes money and people should feel good for facing overlevelled opponents because that means they have better skill.

Not really.

For every player that was driven into paying money for better card levels, there are more players who simply quit the game. If anything, the countless rant posts on this subreddit should prove this point.

If my opponent has lower skill than me, they should be facing others with similar expertise, not one shotting my Minions with Zap. If I want to feel good, a fair match would be infinitely better at doing so instead of some imaginary badge of honor.

Most importantly, a problem with overlevelling often overlooked is that it scares the balance team away from making the right choices.

Just look at all the complaints when they buffed Elite Barbarians, waves after waves of mid ladder rants declaring the game dead for buffing a <40% winrate card.

This is not the fault of the players, but of overlevelling. The average mid ladder game has turned into an unhinged lopsided mess that no one can look at cards from an objective standpoint.

How can you blame them for complaining? Elite Barbarians in mid ladder were exactly as terrifying as they described. How can you sit there with your maxed cards and call them wrong for not being as invested as you are?

This does not benefit anyone, overlevelling prevents the average player from seeing just how weak cards like Hog Rider and Wizard really are. It prevent the balance team from ever buffing those cards in fear of endless complaints.

So nerf overlevelling.

How? You may ask.

Trophy-based Level Caps.

For every player under a certain trophy ranged, their cards and towers shall be capped at a designated level.

No matter what their actual levels are, until the players progress past the trophy range, their card levels will always be capped, just like in Challenges and Tournaments.

Unlike systems which make players only face others with equal levels, this does not allow level 1 players to just play amongst themselves and avoid everyone else.

Unlike level caps based on King Towers, this does not punish lower level players in higher ranges by forcing them to play with lower card levels.

The only ones who are worse off with trophy based level caps are lower skilled players who rely on overlevelled cards to stay in higher ranges.

This should not be a problem however, as it is the intended result. Players who are less experienced should stay in lower ranges where they can practice until they become better.

If this is not the best decision however, do feel free to tell why level caps will make Supercell lose a bazillion dollars and why everyone should feel honored to face 10 maxed players in a row at mid ladder.


Thanks for reading.

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