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Golem Prime Is Recruiting


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Golem Prime is now recruiting active members with 4300+. We are a clan founded off of respect for others. We are looking to make top 200 with a very active Leader and management team that makes sure the members stay active while having fun doing so! We host exclusive in-clan tournaments with prizes for members who have been with us for certain period of time. The leaders take the direction of the community very seriously to the point where we actually have a management chat channel to keep things running smoothly and to discuss our future ideas to increase the family bond, activities and positive vibe we try to provide. We have 45 members atm and slots to tend to fill up fast after we have removed players. You will only be removed if you are causing drama or have not been active without letting anyone know. The list goes on but why don't you come check us out for your self! #Golem Prime Clan tag #9UYYCCJ8, Leader:Drew

Screenshot_20191124-233801_Clash Royale.jpg

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