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redditIdea : In-match live chat.

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Someone brought this idea up, but it died in new: adding an in-match chat would be a quality of life change for everyone. It‘s to chat with your ememy in ladder matches, similar to the clan chat.

Here is my idea:

We all like emotes, provocations like “Opps!” or “Thanks!” are standards, but if we had an in-match chat there’d be a lot of new possibilities. If someone beats you with Ballon, Lumberjack and Freeze, just write “Youre deck is trash”.

There would be a lot of flame, so, I thought of a warn button : if someone chats something offensive or not appropriate, just signal him and after 3 VERIFIED signals, temporary ban.

We could also add a price to use this feature like 50 gems, to prevent toxic players.

Other informations: of course there is going to be a mute button. The in-match chat would replace the provocation button, but no worries, all emotes can directly be choosen trough the in-game chat. The chat font is the classic one, of the clan chat. This idea could be cool for casuals, high ladder matches are too tense, but at the end of the match everyone can chat! Let me know if you would like to see this feature. That the E-golem never be with you.

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