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redditProblems of Clash royale and how to fix them

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Clash royale is a fun game, but there are many problems with it.

1: The Matchmaking

Seriously. On challenges it’s bad due to matching based on the number of wins. This means that you have to pray that the challenge has many new players. On 2v2 it is HORRIBLE. You will be matched based on AVERAGE CARD LEVEL. So you can match with a pair with a bunch of level 1 cards but they have some level 13 cards.


Challenges: Match on + 350 -350 trophies, does not apply in legendary arena.

2v2: Match on average card level on the 3 highest level cards, instead of all 8.

2: Legendary Chests

Do you know that legendary chests gives legendaries from any arena? Including a Sparky? It will be a nightmare to fight a sparky when you are at 1600 trophies. The only way you can counter it is with luck. Either A open a ton of legendary chests and hope you get an E-Wiz or B you find a clan that gives you either Zappies, E-drag or E-wiz, zap and e-spirit are only one time use.

Solution: No Sparkies. Yeah just it.

3: Star Points

It takes YEARS to get enough star points, and star level 1 is just a golden border and deploy effect on the card.

Solution: Decrease star points requirement by 20% (rounded up or down) and add something else to star level 1.

4: Levels

I know people will storm me in replies and people will hate me, but

Solution: Decrease levels to 11.

A skilled player loses to a low skill player because the low skill player has high level cards. This aim of this game is supposed to be STRATEGY and SKILL, not getting tons of chests and quickly leveling cards up to win matches.

5: Wild Cards

A wild card REPLACES any card, instead of just being with that card, This makes it hard to get the different cards at the beginning of the game, especially due to it being possible to get a legendary WILD CARD from a legendary chest when you could have got graveyard or something. I have a question for you all

Which one will you like from a legendary chest when you are arena 4?

A: Sparky

B: Graveyard

C: E-wiz

D: Legendary wild card.

Solution: Make wild card a lot rarer, but they appear alongside the card that was supposed to be replaced.

More coming soon

These are my opinions so don’t kill me ok.

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