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My last rant. Calling out Super Cell in their unfair and rigged algorithm.

Soul Crusher

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I’m about to hit my 4th year in this game and every time I play ladder I feel as though I’ve been cheated, robbed and tiered out of spite.

Maybe it’s me, it could be that I plateau or just suck now. In my mind I think I should be higher in trophy range, though what I think doesn’t mean it’s what’s so. It could also be that I ran my mouth too much, or just challenged Super Cells a little to much on their algorithm.

But I wonder, could there be others who feel like I do? Surely some of you do.

This morning, I decided to push some. Initially things were going well, but then as I was 2-3 trophies shy of 6K, a tilt happened. This repeated 3 times and I just got annoyed and gave it a break.

Again, maybe it’s just me.

A few days ago, I was close to 6,300 and as I was nearing close I faced mini pekka and/or pekka 11 out of 13 games. I couldn’t believe it. Was this just coincidence or a setup to fail, or what Super Cell calls “very much used card in your trophy range”. Yet, when I compared log history with teammates in similar trophy range via stats royale, NO ONE has anything near the same matchups as I do. I made the comparison with other teams and again, NO ONE. Can anyone do the math here on the odds of this probability? I think I have a better chance at winning the lottery.

So I wonder yet again, could it be that this company has it out for me or as someone stated on an older post of mine “very self centered of you to think they would do that”.

Here’s another example, I decided to make a change in my deck a couple days ago because if something isn’t working then make a change. So I added Earthquake and suddenly, the matchups changed and here’s another thing. When I removed EQ, it was attack of the Inferno Towers.

No wait, it has to be me. There’s no way in hell that the algorithm adjust to your changes as well!

The thing is, that this has been going on for a while and the pattern is transparent.

So you tell me, fair system?

To me there seems to be a conflict of interested with a competitor ladder and it also being your main money generator but what do I know.

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