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redditHot take (maybe) that I will definitely get called stupid for.

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I believe that you should not be able to level your cards past the level of your king tower after you hit level 9 (capping cards to level 10 from the start). I believe this would make ladder a lot more balanced and would give the guy with insanely overleveled cards less of an advantage. I can think of two flaws that are similar in concept, which I will address one by one. 1) how are you gonna get the exp. needed to level up then? Well, if you're not allowed to focus exp through the cards you mainly use, then it basically forces diversity in decks and makes people want to level up the cards they haven't considered using before. This isn't a perfect scenario though, which leads me to question 2) Wouldn't it take much longer to level up your king tower, and also wouldn't it be way more expensive in cards and coins? Sadly yes, and the only way I could think of counteracting this would be by decreasing the needed xp to level up your king tower, decrease the cost of coins each upgrade costs (specifically at the higher levels), and maybe lower the amount of cards needed to upgrade. Do I see these changes being implemented to a 4 year old game made by the mobile version of EA? No. (still love you supercell), but I can sure dream of a perfect world. Please let me know what you think of my ideas and how you would change them or refute them, I can only ask that you please be civil.

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