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An open letter to the clash royale sub.

Soul Crusher

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I really dont want this to Snowball out of control but I spend quite a bit of time reading posts at Night, Witch can get a little disheartening because I'm watching you all basically just shovel your ideas into a Furnace.

Can we all just admit that submitting ideas is a Giant waste of time. The clash royale team obviously has no plans on actually Recruit-ing any of these QoL changes that would make their game better, they dont need to. They know they have you Rascals hooked like a Fisherman. They make so much money off a game that hasn't had a decent update in over a year. All they have to do is have their Minions keep coming up with these recycled challenges that offer just enough of a reward that it makes the average player feel good. This is Bat **** crazy though.

We all need to Zap out of it and hit them where it hurts, the wallets. We need to make their numbers crash down like a bolt of Lightning, if we all avoid buying the next pass and avoid buying any "offers" then they will have to Freeze and take a look in the Mirror. They will realize that all we want is a good update, not an announcement of something big only to be given a teaser for god knows what. That kind of stuff sends us into a Rage!

Bottom line is we as the player base deserve to be treated like Princesses. I'm afraid that this game is close to facing the Executioner and no one wants that to happen. So please Players, let's rise like the usage rate of the Goblin hut and let's make Supercell see that we want more from them, we NEED more from them, we DESERVE more from them!!

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