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Power Cards and Coins

This will be a new form of cards and coins which will be available after reaching the 7k trophy gate.

Each power card is worth twice a normal card and each power coin is worth 5 times a regular coin.

Card levels will now be till Lv 20

Lv 14 upgrade (Cost : 4000 P-Coins)

  • Common- 400 P-Card
  • Rare- 100 P-Card
  • Epic- 10 P-Card
  • Legendary- 1 P-Card

Lv 15 upgrade (Cost : 8000 P-Coins)

  • Common- 800 P-Card
  • Rare- 200 P-Card
  • Epic- 20 P-Card
  • Legendary- 2 P-Card

Lv 16 upgrade (Cost : 20000 P-Coins)

  • Common- 1000 P-Card
  • Rare- 400 P-Card
  • Epic- 50 P-Card
  • Legendary- 4 P-Card

Lv 17 upgrade (Cost : 50000 P-Coins)

  • Common- 2000 P-Card
  • Rare- 800 P-Card
  • Epic- 100 P-Card
  • Legendary- 10 P-Card

Lv 18 upgrade (Cost : 100000 P-Coins)

  • Common- 5000 P-Card
  • Rare- 1000 P-Card
  • Epic- 200 P-Card
  • Legendary- 20 P-Card

Lv 19 upgrade (Cost : 1 Magic Coin)

Use respective book for each rarity or the Book of Books.

Lv 20 upgrade (Cost : Your effort)

Win 100 battles with your card after the Lv 19 upgrade.

Progression and Trophy Road

After 7000 trophies, a trophy gate is formed for the Lost Colosseum

Chest will provide P-Coins and P-Cards in the same number as coins and cards in Legendary Arena.

Matchmaking will be based on average card level with same king level.

Arenas in the Colosseum-

2x Elixir Arena - Till 7.4k

Rage Arena- Till 7.7k

Double Draft Arena- Till 8k

Sudden Death Arena- Till 8.3k

Healing Floor Arena- Till 8.7k

Triple Draft Arena- Till 9k

2v2 Arena- Till 10k

Minigames Section

Game modes are Touchdown, Heist and Capture the Elixir

Top 5 winners be given 10k coins or P-Coins, 3x Lightning Chest and 1x Chest Key

Each win will give 150 coins and 1 gem.

New Cards

Please give ideas in the comments.

I want to reach out to supercell for making this idea into reality. Please upvote and share.

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