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redditAre Clash Royale “meetups” a thing?

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I’ve been playing Clash Royale since 2016 and am in an established clan, but I recently thought of the potential fun of local meetups at a public venue to duel or share tips with other local players. The idea would be some sort of community board posting of casual meet ups in various cities, or maybe metropolitan areas.

I thought of the Pokémon/Yugioh tournaments held in ToysRUs’s back in the early 2000s, casual gameboy battles at a library or wherever, or events at general comic/various culture conventions. Or something similar to the social dynamics of PokémonGo as another example. I know that tips can be gathered easily on YouTube/this sub/Google/etc, but am looking for others’ thoughts otherwise.

I virtually know the geographically-diverse folks in my clan for years, but I never really clashed in-person with folks I know in my area (DC/MD/VA metropolitan area). My partner does not play and my family lost interest, coworkers and friends lost interest, but I still play daily! :-). I work a full time job but I thought that a random occasional Sunday afternoon duel meet at a local park may be fun.

For me, playing Clash Royale has always been an internal experience with many laughs and occasional frustrations; surely with the social dynamics of clan mates, clan wars, hilarious emotes, and constant battles with anyone across the globe, but never a nerdy meet up at a coffee shop, park, or public venue. I’ve checked the Meetups app, searched this sub, and tried Google. There only appears to be annual exclusive events in single, particular cities. Please let me know if I am missing something with my search.

Covid is an obvious and important factor, but it appears that parks, coffee shops, restaurants, and various public venues are generally open, per the lessening of local restrictions, and decrease in covid rates per the rapid increase in vaccinations. Again, trying to get thoughts from other Clash Royale connoisseurs.

Moderators/All - I’d hope this is not a sketchy or soliciting post but a request for information and the sharing of ideas.

Please let me know if this is a bad idea or if there is information that I have not come across. Happy to hear your suggestions and criticisms! Make fun of me!! I’d hope I could duel (crush) ya with my hog deck! ;-) Otherwise I’ll go back to playing at lunch time (or on the toilet!).

Thank you.

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