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redditWould a Hidden Tesla lifetime nerf good for the game?

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We all know how frustrating it is when your opponent stalls the game out by just placing Hidden Tesla for no reason other than to stall. This is because the building has a high lifetime (35 seconds) and goes underground so it doesn’t provide spell value. You can make an argument for EQ countering this, but it doesn’t because you can place a tesla high enough to not provide eq damage on tower and by using earthquake on just the tesla you are basically giving in to their stall tactics. I think that by reducing the tesla’s lifetime by 5 or 10 seconds and potentially buffing its health by a little bit, it would still give insane defensive value like it already does, but might discourage spell cycle decks and tesla spam to stall out matches. Any thoughts r/ClashRoyale? I know I’m going to get flamed by xbow/ rocket cycle players but at least provide some insight for discussion rather than just hating on the idea with no counter argument. I’m a 6600 PB player with nearly 100 CC wins so i’m not a great player by any means but I am well aware of the meta and what is strong / not strong.

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