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The precondition: Unit combinations of equal cost should always annihilate one another.

With that in mind, how does one accumulate more elixir and overwhelm their opponents?

1. Defend

By relying on the Arena Tower, players essentially get an extra unit for free.

The additional firepower allows players to spend less while annihilating enemy units, the elixir saved could then be used to start an offense of their own.

2. Card Mechanics

Despite the precondition, it is entirely possible for lower cost units to annihilate higher cost ones.

This is because every unit has its own weaknesses that can be exploited by other cards.

Thus, there are situations where even the most expensive unit combinations fail, as their weaknesses are exploited.

Common hard counter interactions include: High dps > High hp, Swarm > Point damage, Stun > Charge etc.

3. Area Damage

What separates Area Damage from every other mechanic in game is unlimited potential.

With no limits on how many units it can hit, Area Damage can theoretically deal infinite damage.

Thus, units capable of Area Damage can often annihilate unit combinations much more expensive than itself.


Thanks for reading.

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