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Just went through my activity log to see what's what because I felt like I must've been having selection bias in my memory. I wasn't.

Out of 25 matches, 20 I played against mega knight or Pekka. Five of those, I played against both mk/Pekka.

The other 5/20 matches I played 2 spell bait, 2 golems, and one somewhat random.

The other notable cards in almost all of these, either singularly or in combos: ebarbs, hog rider, valk, and mini p.

This meta feels really heavy to me, as in high average elixir decks with big tanks and big support. I was a fan early, even with the ubiquitous ebarbs. But now I don't know where I'm at.

Are lots of mk/Pekka matchups better than lots of lumberloon and golem? The meta definitely shifted quite a bit, does that mean the balance changes were successful on some level? Where will things shift next?

Anyhow, not intending to be complaining about "mk hard to play! Grr!" I just thought it was a crazy run of that 20/25 and wanted to hear from others. Are mk/Pekka usage tied to increase in ebarbs and season boost (in the case of Pekka)? What are you seeing out there?

Cheers and good luck!

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