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In Season 11, u/edihau made a post calculating how long it would take to max out an account. However, it's been almost a year since then and lots of things have changed, from the still hated Clan Wars 2 to the brand new Magic Items. So I decided to make a new version to show how long it takes to max out.

Notes on the calculation :

  • You can choose the number of cards of each rarity you want to max. This way you can see how long it takes to max one deck, four decks, or everything. Cards you don't want to max are designated as "useless". It only handles calculations from scratch to max though.

  • Gems are assumed to all be used to buy Global Tournament rewards.

  • Trade Tokens are used to convert useless cards to useful cards ; in case of lack of useless cards, they convert into Gold after reaaching the limit.

  • Chests : it assumes you open a constant number of Chests every day, except Chest boost days (because you can unlock longer Chests with Chest Keys). A warning will appear on Basics tab if this means you have to unlock more than one Gold Chest per day. That will generally happen if you're unlocking more than 4 chests per day, ans means you'll have to open some Gold Chests instead of Silver Chests during the day, slowing down your chest opening cycle. This warning is not taken into account in the calculation.

  • Books of each rarity are assumed to appear every 4 seasons in free Pass Royale track.

  • Books are assumed to be used at their full potential, to do the full level 13 filling. You have to manually indicate in the Basics tab how you use Books of Books. (Note : Although this is not indicated by the spreadsheet, you won't be able to use all Books of Books to upgrade legendaries from 12 to 13, as you won't max a legendary every day. Using these books in lower rarities is implemented, but not using these books to get cards from 11 to 12.)

  • It assumes you're above 4000 trophies and reach a constant number of trophies each season.

  • The calculation checks the first rarity to max, and count rewards collected. Potential overflow unused tokens and useless cards are converted into gold, and their collection rate is converted as Gold collection rate for the following stages, same for the rariyy that has just been maxed.

  • Wildcards of a maxed rarity are converted into Gold as well (to do this you neeed a trade token and a max stack but not maxed card, else it may convert into an useless card). Books of maxed rarities are considered lost (even the 100 gems overflow are unused).

  • Buying cards with gold when you already have enough gold to max everything is not implemented. However, gold is often the limiting factor anyway, and it doesn't change anything in this case.

Some results :

  • An average player, reaching 5600 trophies every season (most of the path to maxing an account is done with a maxed deck) and with a 50% win rate on tournaments and challenges, and with high activity (opening 5 chests/day, doing all 4 war battles every day in a Legendary League Clan) will need about 4 years to max.

  • This can be improved to about 3 years with skill (7000 trophies, full challenge completion, 15+ tournament wins) or with pass Royale, or to a bit more than 2 years with both.

  • Maxing one deck takes less than 6 months.

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