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2v2 and Clan Wars: The problems and the solutions

If you play 2v2, you know that there are few but major flaws.

The main two is 1. Matchmaking 2. Teammates leaving the game

  1. Matchmaking Clash Royale uses the average card level to match. That means a player with lvl13 cards and few lvl1 cards can be matchmaked with people with all lvl7 or 8 cards. This game relies pretty heavily on levels, as you all know. And it's pretty hard to counter a lvl13 PEKKA or electro giant with lvl7 cards.

  2. Teammates leaving the game This one is very simple. Teammates just leave the game and you lose. Obviously not a big deal, but it's a waste of time and is very annoying. We play the game for fun, especially 2v2. But if the teammate just leaves, it's going to be frustrating.

So, how do we fix these two problems?

Both are fairly difficult and would require a lot of effort. Some might say they should focus on other things. While true, 2v2 is a very fun gamemode, but these problems ruin it.

  1. Matchmaking with variance. If the max card level in the deck is 13 and the minimum is 1, the variance would be 12. Using this, I think it's good to set the max card level variance to 4 so we could avoid this problem.

  2. Add a limit to disconnecting. If a player disconnects from a match multiple times, they will be banned from party gamemode for one-two days. In addition, while this is unnecessary, maybe add an option to control the teammate's deck while they are disconnected.

And next, I would like to move to Clan Wars. There are so many more to say compared to 2v2, but here are some:

  1. It's a race
  2. The player who participated the most gets the same prize as the player who did absolutely nothing
  3. Matchmaking (again?)

  4. It's a race What I mean with this is, it's not a war, it's a race. This means A. more manpower=higher win rate and B. more effort≠higher win rate. For example, if a clan has 50 people who is active at the same time, they could play games and lose as quickly as possible and get 50×4×100=20000 war medals. That's half the river race done in less than a day.

  5. The player who participated the most gets the same prize as the player who did absolutely nothing This is pretty huge imo. If you participated a lot, you still get the same prize as the person who contributed almost nothing (Maybe a little bit on boat repair).

  6. Matchmaking (again?) This is the same as 2v2, except not used often because at a first glance it seems pretty pointless. However, if the player you are playing against has a lvl12 PEKKA and lvl11 magic archer and all you have is a level 8 or 7, there's not much you can do.

So what are the solutions?

  1. There's not much you could do other than changing the system entirely, and it's pretty hard to make a clan that could work together simultaneously. The only simple solution would be allowing clan members to play at the same time. As in, you don't have to wait until the other clan member finishes the game. Although that may spark up other problems.

  2. The only solution here is to have a set bar for participation in order to get the prize. Play 3-5 games sounds suitable, but I want to hear some opinions on this one, as I'm unsure.

  3. Variance, as stated previously. "Your war deck has a card level variance above 4. Level up your cards to play!"

That's it. Thanks for reading! Any suggestions are welcome!

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