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Here is what's needed to max a card, depending on rarity :

Common : 9586 cards, 185625 gold, 19.36 gold per card

Rare : 2586 cards, 185600 gold, 71.77 gold per card

Epic : 386 cards, 184400 gold, 477.7 gold per card

Legendary : 36 cards, 175000 gold, 4861 gold per card

Now let's look at the situation three levels below, to go to level 10 :

Common : 1586 cards, 15625 gold, 9.85 gold per card

Rare : 386 cards, 15600 gold, 40.41 gold per card

Epic : 36 cards, 14400 gold, 400 gold per card

Legendary : 2 cards, 5000 gold, 2500 gold per card

From there, the first problem we can see is gold progression doesn't match card progression at all. Gold needed per card is almost twice more at level 13 than at level 10. Because of this, players first lack of cards and buy cards to the Shop before regretting it when they see the cost of the last upgrades. This is because gold cost does ×2.5 twice in a row in levels 11 and 12 (from 8000 to 20000 to 50000) while card cost often only does ×2 (or even ×1.×5 for common level 11 and rare level 13, from 800 to 1000). Gold costs of 15000, 30000, 60000 for the last three levels would be much more balanced.

With the current progression system, people upgrade cards based on what they get on chests without thinking much of gold cost, before they realise the hard way gold suddenly becomes the bottleneck in level 11-12 and stick with the 8 cards they first leveled to 11 (well, I'm probably exaggerating a bit). This is not helped by the fact that overlevelling is completely overpowered (+10% health and damage is the kind of buff that would make any card without a special level-independent effect overpowered, look at the effect of ebarbs 7% dps buff).

Now, let's look at rarity discrepancies. The shop values a legendary as 40000 gold, same as 4000 commons, 400 rares and 40 epics. Getting maxed cards gives twice less gold but it's the same ratio.

Now let's compare this to the need of cards. There are 28 cards of each rarity, except for legendaries where there are 18 cards. This means to max everything you need 9586×28 commons, 2586×28 rares, 386×28 epics and 36×18 legendaries. Computing the ratios, this is 414.2 commons, 111.7 rares, and 16.7 epics per legendary. Conclusion : legendaries are well overpriced, their gold value should be at least halved. On the other side, 10 rares or an epic are not worth 100 commons at all. Commons are underpriced : their gold value should be at least doubled.

Finally, let's draw the same picture for level 10 : to get all cards to level 10, you need 1234 commons, 300 rares, and 28 epics per legendary. These numbers are much different than level 13 values. Because of this, legendaries reach level 10 quicker, and commons reach level 13 quicker. Because of this, level 8s and 9s usually make decks full of legendaries, while level 11s and 12s make decks full of commons. (The gold problem attenuates this a bit, as all cards take about the same gold to get to 13 and you'll actually get blocked by gold if you want to level several commons.) (Luckily, legendaries become hard to level before upgrades become costly, so you're not stuck with legendaries you invested a lot of gold in and that will take ages to max.) This is because legendary progression is actually much faster than ×2 per level (total cards needed go from 1 to 2 to 6 to 16 to 36), while commons need only 1.25× more cards to go from 10 to 11 than from 9 to 10, which breaks the ×2 progression.

This creates different metas in these areas of ladder. For example, commons are mostly swarmy, which leads to an overuse of splashers in the level 11 ladder meta. And then, when you start getting more maxed cards and you already have a level 12 wizard... you're better keeping your level 12 wizard than another level 10 card you don't have the gold to upgrade. (There are indeed also other reasons.)

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