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I don't know if I'm allowed to say his Tag# but I just went 31 straight wins with this AWESOME RANDOM I bumped into at 2v2.

(not a clan mate, not over VoIP on discord, a RANDOM!!!)

But the strangest part is...he continued to win 20-4 after I left! (I looked up his royaleapi)

His deck was always:

Sparky - Inferno Dragon - Night Witch - EWiz - Lavahound - Lumberjack - Zap - Lightning (basically legendaries)

This awesome dude:

  1. He doesn't spam troops. He actually sits on 10 and leaks ELIXIR. He won't play unless he's needed on the field. He only responds to what you play first. Other Randoms thinks they must react to everything without their teammates, so that it ends up being 2 cards being used when only 1 is needed.
  2. He doesn't double troop. You know how randoms will zap the goblin barrel even though you have clearly hovered log for the goblin barrel? He stays out of his way! What kind of random minds their own business? Who does that???
  3. He communicates. I will hover which corner I want to Gob Barrel and he gives the King Thumbs Up emote. Even if I called for opposite lane, he will support me. WHAT KIND OF IQ IS THIS?!?!
  4. He only spams one emote. The Knight with the Hands Up Emote that goes Yaayyyyy! This guy is hilarious!
  5. He lightnings us out of trouble. Sure, he'll lighting 3 troops. But he's also lightning just 1 troop. He's wild but it works! He kills opponent's pushes.
  6. As soon as you win (or lose) he'll invite you to Play Again. I usually can't stand the randoms I'm paired with but to this guy, it doesn't matter.

The only thing is he doesn't hover his cards on the map. So I don't know what his intentions are. He only hovers Lavahound back right and then I know I will be supporting a Lavahound Push. My strategy in 2v2 is ALWAYS HOVER. Always tell your partner what card and where. He doesn't do that.

But the weirdest part is, he just wins with randoms. The way he sits on 10 Elixir is bizarre but it works! This dude has mastered Random 2v2. He went 54-4 (and who knows how long he was winning before I joined him).

I was just going to farm 4 crowns, but this dude got me 60 crowns. (It wasn't short, it took me 1h 47m).

I'll just say his name here. Thank you mysterious. 31 straight wins is not the record, but it's my personal record and you carried me. You're the G.O.A.T. of random 2v2's.

Who are you mysterious? What are you?

(Yes, he did accept my friend request :)

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