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I'm not active in this Reddit community so sorry if this has been brought up 100 times before, but wars need a fix and are ruining the fun of this game for a lot of people.

Proposed solution - Allow players to opt in/out of wars, because the current system of forcing every player in a clan into a war is causing some issues.

The game is no longer about fun and hopping on to play some games and chat with your clanmates. These days the game is just all about co-leaders and leaders harrassing people in their clans to do war attacks. When you log on, instead of being met with happy chatting it's just "DO YOUR WAR BATTLES, YOU MUST ATTACK OR WILL BE KICKED". It's like this in almost every clan you enter these days. It doesn't matter if you've been in a clan for months and have hundreds of donations per week. If you're not attacking in wars, you're at risk of being kicked.

If you've got 10-15 minutes to play, instead of logging on to do some fun ladder matches/some 2v2s to try winning a couple of chests, you feel obliged to waste the time doing war battles instead so you don't get complained at/kicked. This makes it harder to get chests and to progress on ladder.

I really think the opt-in/out feature would help to solve a lot of issues. If you'd like to join in wars to potentially win some rewards, you can opt-in. Otherwise, you just opt-out so you don't weigh your clanmates down in war, and you can continue playing ladder/donating as per usual. This would reduce the amount of complaining/hounding/harrassing to do war attacks and would improve the overall morale of clans.

I'm not going to add on to this with how actually playing clan wars isn't even fun and is loaded with issues. I'd rather just focus on making the game/clan environments more enjoyable again. What do you guys think?

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