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redditLet's talk about princess ( just as example)

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A 3 elixir legendary card with an impressive range of 9 and 140 area damages per hit, a good radius ( If I remember correctly it's big enough to cover a full minion horde).

Ranked 82°, It is currently used by 10% of all player base, with a win ratio of 44% so it definitely has a lot of counters.

Obviously it is not OP, but contributes a lot in the RPS™ issue that made the game not so funny.

™: Clash royale is one of the few games where specific strategies against a certain kind of decks guarantee a really high % of winning a match. Usually meta strategies developed in other card games are contrasted by bans and balances, but unfortunately In CR we are not banning cards and Balance changes are slower as frequency. Obviously it's not all your deck fault but also your starting cycle and skills.

However going back to the point it represents a RPS card as it can last forever, making it the only card in the game that once deployed..if not destroyed can 3 crown your opponent's tower without being damaged by towers. So you can clearly see how effective is defending a princess while she "cheap" a tower and she locks to the tower really fast.

I personally feel that having weaker infinite fireballs (140 damages Vs 170) pointing an opponent tower could be unfair, especially since this game has introduced tie breaker so every hp counts a lot!.

But despite of this fact, she is used only in 1 archetype , so obviously something regarding her skills of ranged splash unit isn't worth or at least has never been worth ( considering she's used only in log bait)

Then my question is:. Should SC get rid of the aspects that make a card RPS in favour of uniforming the game even if it means rework cards/ make them dead/ban them?

Which strategy do you prefer? Ban cards and open CR to different ladder formats where certain cards are banned or leave the game as it is or ...?

Please comments on the last points are really appreciated, this post intention is not to say that princess is op/ I'm not able to counter it/ hating log bait (so comments linked to these things are quite useless for the overall purpose of the discussion)


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