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Yet again, we face the start of a new season and with it the pillaging of our hard earned trophies by Supercell. This reset, as they call it, began in the early days when the better players started reaching over 3,000 trophies. Due to the way matchmaking works (using current trophy totals) , it was introduced to ensure the better players got enough opponents. The threshhold was eventually increased from 3,000 to 4000 trophies about three years ago but has not changed again since. It is time to increase it again, but Supercell refuse to budge, why I don't know. This is want I want to get some discussion going on. Hopefully u/Drew and co might be persuaded to listen.

When the rest level was increased to 4,000 there were only, maybe, a few hundred or so players able to exceed that level. Now there are tens of thousands of players above that, most of whom have exceeded 5,000 and even 6000 trophies as well. A small group has done even better.

Keeping the limit at 4,000 is highly unfair on the less skilled players at those levels. They lose vast numbers of trophies each month. They inevitably spend the entire season just trying to recover those taken trophies and have little hope of gaining more to improve their ladder positions. This is made even more difficult by the large numbers of upper level using second accounts lower down because they have gotten bored playing at the top. I come up against large numbers of opponents with as little as a couple hundred to a couple thousand wins, yet have already achieved highest trophy totals well into the the 5,000s. It is obvious that these are high level players, playing down the ladder. It is highly unfair on those you just want to make some progress.

Supercell's own tweaking of matchmaking for there own goals makes the problem even worse. For example, it was established in the early days that if you play more than 5 consecutive battles, the system puts you up against harder and harder opponents. You also seem to get much harder opponents if you have chest slots empty. Then there is the 50/50 win/loss system which is apparently.

The top players are not the only ones who pay good money to play this game. It is time Supercell gave the rest of us a fair chance too.

Let's discuss this...

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