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A longer race, is a fairer race

Over the last months the Clan Wars 2.0 went through some changes, always aiming to be a fair and attractive event to players all over the world. Some of these changes, for example, included the ending of the deck reset difference: there used to be a short time gap between the beginning of the war and the decks reset (about 25 minutes), which allowed players to play 8 battles on the first day and it unbalanced the wars. So the score of victories and defeats in the game modes was corrected, thus implementing a reputation standard in the river tasks. We also started to have a fixed limit on the number of participants in the war set at 50 players, so there was a greater balance of forces between the clans participating in each round - all 5 clans, usually, have close scores (matchmaking used to be one of the biggest problems in the first Clan Wars, fortunately corrected now).

In order for the Clan Wars to be fairer and more balanced, some changes still need to happen and, therefore, we would like to make a contribution. Currently the war ends with 50.000 prestige points and 20.000 points in the final round (which is only concluded at the weekend).

An organized and competitive clan can reach about 30.000 points on the first day. In the current scoring model the round is decided at the beginning of the second day. The problem with such a model is that the time zone is a factor that harms competitive clans from some parts of the world. We are going to illustrate our argument with the global time map:

River Race Time Zone

On the map above we can see the start time of the wars around the world. A german clan, for example, starts the war at 10 am. We are going to assume this clan achieves 30.000 points on the first day of war (an amount, we repeat, which is possible among competitive clans). On the second day that clan will get the remaining 20.000 points in a matter of a few hours. A japanese clan, for example, can start the war around 6 pm and end it at 8 pm or 9 pm, which is a more “comfortable time” because more players can access Clash Royale from their homes, being out of their work or school hours. The situation is different, for example, for a clan that is located in some parts of North America where the war starts at 3 am and ends in the middle of the night when only a few players will be active. It is also hard for South American players where the war advances, mostly, in the morning when players are at work or at school.

Of the top 100 global clans only 15 are located in the Americas (according to the time period which we are evaluating, from April 19 to April 25), and it leads us to believe that the timezones have a relevant role in the way clans organize themselves at wars. It is much more difficult to organize a clan in the middle of the night, when you are probably sleeping, or in the morning when you are working or studying; than in the late afternoon or at night as it happens in some parts of the world - where the number of active players will be larger.

We would like to contribute to this discussion and suggest a change in the scoring of the wars. Keeping in mind that the daily score of a clan on the first day of the war is around 30.000 points, we suggest the war to be decided by clans that reach 60.000 points. It would make the war to be more “technical”, to require the clans to organize themselves in order to reach 30.000 daily points (close to the limit), with the participation of all members.

Such a change would slow down the rush in the early hours of the day, when many players are playing in a hurry to score and achieve the remaining 20.000 points as quickly as possible. 60.000 points would transform the war from a “mad race” to a more technical dispute, where the more organized clans could win in the course of the second day. Just like the final round chest could be achieved with 30.000 points. In the current model, clans that start the last round at more comfortable hours are getting the final round chest while other clans are still waking up - and it’s not fair for many clans.

We understand that the solution for the imbalance we pointed out is not simple. Setting a time to reset decks is an important step to balance the game, but we have identified some problems in the current scoring model that end up not being fair to clans that are trying to rise their war ranks.

We thank you for reading and for your patience!

Signed this text: Kagemusha, Hades and Veritas from the clan "A Comuna" (#P0RP2VP0).

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