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redditMatchmaking past 5000 trophies / How to get back into the game

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Matchmaking past 5000 trophies / How to get back into the game

Hey guys it's my first time posting here and I just recently got back into the game after not playing for 2 or 3 years. I geniunely don't know what to do and I'm seeking help from people who may know what to do.

Back story:

So when clash royale first came out I played a lot even before it came out for about the first 2 ish years of it's release then stoppd playing supercell games because of burn out and then recently I saw some posts about clash royale and redownloaded it.

The matchmaking problem:

On my main account I was level 12 with around level 11 cards and every match I would play I would run into people my level but with max cards and got steam rolled over and over and stayed around 4k. And I'm not awful at the game it was just so hard to beat these max level cards.

I decided to make a new account to try and have fun again and see if having a new account would help with having extremely low level cards and especially 0 new cards and not an easy way to get them. I made an account about 2 days ago and pushed all the way to 5030 trophies but now i'm stuck between 5000 and 4900 because if I go above 5k I get lvl 11-13s no matter what and below I run into lvl 9's which I have a chance against and do at least better then I crack 5k and immedietly lose. Is this all I can do for months till I get lvl 13? I'm really at a wall here and don't know what to do any help would be awesome!


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