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I downloaded Clash Royale 5 years and 3 months ago.

I was AWFUL, I remember being a level 9 at 1400 trophies, but after playing the game, watching YouTube videos and practicing time placement and cycling, I had finally become good, and I mean really good.

I wasn’t a professorial player but I was 100% an overachiever, I went from being a 9 at 1400 to being a 9 at 4000+ (which at the time, with matchmaking being different, was insane)

I continued my road to improvement, grinding out Grand Challenges which was a lot easier than ladder for me (because of tournament standard lvl cards) I was able to consistently get 10-12 wins in these tournaments, I remember frequently matching up against pro and semi pro players at the time and holding my ground, every other game past 8 wins was a matchup against some NOVA player who was at the top of the leader board or a very successful tournament player.

Eventually though, I stopped playing the game as much, tons and tons of new cards released, I was trying to constantly adjust to the meta but I had stopped opening my wallet to get my cards up to playable ladder levels, more and more challenges and tournaments started going by the 1-13 standard instead of the 1-9 tournaments standard which made it a lot harder on me, occasionally I would pick the game up and hop back on, each time seeing tons of new features, cards, and decks with the meta constantly evolving, which brings me to today.

I’m a level 12 at 5500 trophies. I’m washed up, I go into a grand challenge I struggle to win 4 games, I can only play 2-3 decks decently, hell I can barley win my clan war battles. I hit 5600 trophies as a level 10 a few years ago, now I’ve hit a wall this season in the 5500’s, there’s certain decks I come across that I just can’t beat, certain cards that I have 0 idea how to counter, it’s embarrassing.

I don’t know what to do, it’s overwhelming looking at all of the new cards in the game, each one extremely different from the other, I can’t just hop into a ladder game and learn how to use and counter it because the majority of my cards aren’t level 12-13 and using level 11 cards at a certain point in ladder is borderline insanity, plus all of the cards I was extremely familiar with seem to have been buffed or nerfed to the point where they are a lot different, even the slightest tweaks can vastly change the interactions the card has with the hundreds of other cards, it’s like re learning the game all over again and I’m lost.

If anyone has any advice, a clan I could join to help work on improving my game or any tips please let me know, I could use all the help you guys have to offer, thanks for your time.

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