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Some Arena Achievements ideas for ladder

Soul Crusher

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Rise Like A Phoenix

3 crown your opponent after losing 2 towers and king tower losing half life

Max Stack

have the same card alive in the arena 4 times (like in those videos where they stack 20 inferno dragons)

Saved by The Bell

win a match with one tower in less than 10hp because the time was over


have one single troop kill 4 different opponent cards (like in those replays where a flying machine is forgotten in the arena and it deals half of the damage of the match)


have your teammate leave the match and win

No One Is Left Behind

Win a match after your teammate rejoins it

Dragon Slayer

kill 1000 dragons in the arena

Final Judgement

kill 1,000,000 undead troops

The bigger they are, the harder they fall

kill 1000 giants in the arena


3 crown 10 opponents in triple elixir

Super Man

win a match with all 3 towers intact

U Can’t Touch This

win a match with a tower with less than 100hp because opponent had no spells

I’m A Noob

lose a match for an opponent 2 levels below you

I’m A Pro Noob

lose a match to a lvl 1 opponent in 4k trophies


win a match with a 4 spell deck

(These were all the ideas I had up to this point, if you have more, put in the comments!)

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