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To those who don't confine to the meta

Soul Crusher

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I'm proud :) you dont get enough credit. Of all the decks you see with the exact same structure, of the opponents who blend into the same person everytime, of all the times you knew exactly when and where mini pekka and mega knight was being placed. Of the effort and trials. Climbing the ladder with meta is hard by itself. On top of that, you exhaust your creativity by making a constantly changing, original deck. You collapse in trophies, then steadily climb, and collapse, more than normal.

You dont ask for decks, you don't ask for advice on your deck, you trek on authentically. You get creative with how you defend pushes, you think abstract with how you use your win conditions. You dig in the roots of the infinite possibilities of Clash Royale, and reach for the game it was meant to be. One where being unique and original was the fun on the game.

If that's you still, you've done what many fail to do. Even myself currently. You are in the vast minority friend, and you dont get the credit where it is deserved. I do hope this makes you feel seen.

You are the ones that are the original vision of what the game should be. Resisting the convenience of the meta is difficult on the ladder. The ease of using just two of the cards to help your deck win.

Your sacrifice in trophies keeps the vision of the game alive.

I gave up weeks ago. I wasnt resilient. But I know I wasnt the only one.

If nobody else sees your struggle, and the meaning behind while you continue to, I see it. It gets to your mental. It makes you feel stupid for trying to be different, and then even more stupid you're this upset about a game.

The Clash community needs you. Whether we say it or not. You are seen and you are cheered on:) and I do mean this to those players from the bottom of my heart, not to slap players using the meta. I hope this acknowledgement helps you.

Ok queue the hate and replies calling me salty.

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