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Clash royale has the tendency to punish players for the exploring the games mechanics.

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If you’re an ordinary player who has just maxed out his/her deck, but suddenly feels bored because you have been sticking with that same deck for the past 1 year, and decided to try out a new deck at your 5000+ trophy range, well all I can say is that you’re gonna suffer a lot.

Typically, when a player tries to max out his/her deck, they end up spending a lot of resources in the particular deck, while also upgrading other cards in the process as well. But the problem is, these players are the ones who have level 13 cards while still being a level 11. They usually push towards 5500+ trophies and when they feel like wanting to play a new deck, they end up discovering that their cards (most of them in fact) are level 9 and 10. These players are no pros. Even pros sometimes struggle to play against max level players and ordinary, casual players will tend to suffer more.

The game is punishing players for exploring the games mechanics. I mean why is it made like that? A game should never punish its players for trying to explore the gameplay mechanics. I know that most of you will say “then he/she shouldn’t have upgraded their main deck first, then they wouldn’t have this problem”, but if you look at it from a different perspective, most of the players at mid-trophy range all have this kind of attitude, so players have to adapt to the their respective surroundings, so I won’t blame the players for doing so.

If a player wants to try out a new deck, he/she will be forced to either play ladder, challenges or tournaments. Since all players have the fear of losing the trophies, and especially these players since they have tournament level cards, they will avoid ladder. They will also tend to avoid classic challenges because the rewards that is offered is ‘meh’, but it also costs 10 gems, which is also not good because you’re trying to focus on building a deck. Which mean that you have to play test the deck yourself multiple times. And it also needs to take into consideration how many times that particular player will have to keep doing this process over and over again until they finish all their gems. Grand challenges are out of the question. Tournaments are one of those features in the game that I barely know exists. Although there are many tournaments out there, not all of them are necessarily ordinary tournament level battle. Some of them maybe draft and such. So if a player were to to and search the tournament tab for battles, he would be wasting his time. Plus there is no filter feature to filter out the tournaments for the ones that you are searching.

I mean I’m not asking to increase the rewards at all. Maybe just make a mode where everybody battles at tournament level standard without the risk of losing anything. And if possible have challenge tokens, so that players can go and do some challenges for free without paying gems. It’s a great way to motivate the community to try out new decks while still earning prizes.

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