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[Strategy] Skeletons: Use, synergies, countering.

Soul Crusher

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Welcome back again, guys! Today we will be doing a card post on skeletons. When used properly, the seemingly weak little fellas can give you some amazing value. I hope you guys enjoy and, look in the conclusion for a sneak peek at my next idea!!

  • Stats* lvl 9

  • Elixir: 1

  • Hit points : 67

  • Damage:67

  • Hit speed: 1sec

  • DPS: 67

  • Targets: Ground

  • Movement speed: Fast

  • Range: Melee short

  • Count: 3


  • Any mini tank: Knight, Valk, Ice golem, Prince are just some examples. These cards act as your tank for a clean tank and spank combo with the skeletons. They will swarm any opposing troop no matter what.

Basic use

The skeletons card is a 1 elixir card that spawns three skeletons that attack and swarm enemies. They are very weak stat wise, however, 3 of them alone is plenty enough to overwhelm many cards, despite their weakness. You will most likely be playing them alone or with a tank, but not much else.

On offense, although you can’t really do damage with them due to their lack of health, they can help you win cycle races where you need to place down your win condition or big spell to shut down the game. They are one elixir after all.

Defense will be where you are using them the most. They will often be used as a quick cheap distraction or as a cheap swarm because there are three of them after all.

Where you will place them will be dependent on the card that you are trying to counter. Against cards that have melee splash such as mega knight dark prince or Valk, you will often want to place them near the middle to pull them. When against ranged troops you will want to place them on top of the ranged troop for extra DPS and to ensure that the counter unit is shut down as quickly as possible.

When defending against most ground units you would want to place them near the middle of the arena so they will have to walk the furthest distance.

Against range splash troops such as wizard and Sparky you will want to time it just right so that they are surrounded by the skeletons. Doing this allows the skeletons to be separated so that the countered unit does not get splash value and can be taken out.

As mentioned earlier, another way you can take out ranges splash troops is by placing down A tank so that the skeletons can then finish them off easily.

Advanced use use these tips to take you skeletons use to the next level.

  • Lots of times, those who use skeletons will pay close attention to when a spell is in the opponent’s hand. They will often want to spell away skeletons as it is a cheap and quick counter. That makes them great bait cards.

  • Although playing them in the back first play allows you to cycle through more of your deck, it’s sometimes better to keep them, and wait for the opponent to make a play. Then, if they play something that can be easily countered, you can use skeletons to counter them and easily gain an elixir advantage.

  • As mentioned earlier, they are easily susceptible to spells. Be cautious of when and where you use them and how often your using them in one spot, as you can give too much value or allow them to gat an easy prediction.

  • Against a Bandit or a Mega Knight, skeletons are great sacrifices for eating up a dash/Jump hit for either a tower or a valuable but weak card, such as a musketeer. They can at the very least, buy some more time for it on the board and even divert them away and lock them onto something else entirely. Against inferno’s, they are basically a zap times three, since it eats up one lock on per skeleton.


Skeleton is a 1 elixir card that drops three skeletons. They are weak stat wise, but their low cost can allow for some of the best positive elixir trades in the game.

For, my next few post, I will be attempting to make_____.


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