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redditAfter months of experimenting I have perfected a half decent mother witch deck.

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If you don’t want to read a 7 paragraph ramble, I’ll save you the time. this is the deck

Everyone seems to think mother witch is a bad card. Looking at win rates and usage rates makes that very clear. But I figured that the reason it is regarded as a “bad card” is because it’s very niche and despite not being a win con, it needs to have a deck built around it. I spent quite a bit of time drafting and testing decks and I believe I have found one.

The biggest issue with the mother witch is that her ability is very difficult to balance. It’s quite hard to make a card like this not obscenely overpowered or underpowered. This is probably why the devs didn’t buff her for months. An underpowered card that no one cares about is a lot better than a super overpowered card that nukes the meta for them, and I’m sure they will change her in some ways by the end of the year, after they have done some experimenting to see what attack speed, damage, and health combination is balanced. In the meantime, I have made a deck that capitalizes on her strengths and compensates for her weaknesses.

My first thought when making a deck was “well she doesn’t do much damage and she needs to go with cards with low attack speeds, so slow, high damage cards would be ideal.” My first thought with slow attack speed and high damage is sparky, but testing proved that to be ineffective, due to her simply dying before sparky could shoot again. Pekka also didn’t work for this reason. In addition, I have a rule with deck building that I don’t use cards above 5 elixir, so eventually I settled on hunter as the second card. The next was ice wizard, which also has a low attack speed but low damage. However, this turned out to complement the mother witch well when against goblins, minions, and other cards around that health range. Ice golem proved to be very good at absorbing damage while the mother witch and tower chipped away at mid health units. According to my rules of deck building, I also needed swarm cards, and I settled on guards for no particular reason. As for my spell choices I chose zap as my light spell, mostly because mine is overleveled and thus I didn’t need to worry about barrels for the most part, and I chose poison because it complemented the witch well with its damage over time.

The real genius of this deck is the mortar. As I said before, mother witch is not a win condition but you have to treat her as one when making a deck. Mortar tied this deck together with that in mind. First of all, it serves as a secondary win con. Secondly, it has a slow attack speed, which is exactly what I wanted. Thirdly, I also needed a building as per my deck building rules, and mortar filled this role well, especially considering it’s cost. It’s exceptional health to cost ratio is decent for a building, making it great for sponging up damage from hogs and other building targeting units. Generally I used it defensively in 2v2 and offensively in ladder matches, but it was mostly situational.

I used this deck primarily on 2v2 because ladder is a huge scam, but I played a few matches for the sake of research. Overall I had an average win rate of 60ish% between the two modes. Considering how bad some people say this card is, I’d say that’s not too bad. In terms of strategy, In 1v1 I’d generally use the mother witch with some combination of guard, ice wiz, and hunter to defend a push, forcing them to spend elixir to counter them so I could use my mortar unimpeded, generally with an ice golem to tank. The chip damage from the pigs adds up quickly, and due to its slow buildup they usually go uncountered unless they were in groups. In 2v2 I’d usually play support with the pigs dealing occasional chip damage, and sometimes I’d get a good opportunity to get some more damage with the mortar.

Overall I think the “it’s not the cards...” (or in this case, card) is a very overlooked perspective on the mother witch that really applies to her more than most other cards. Many people speculated that the reason she wasn’t used was because no one had created a deck that could work well with her and I think I finally have. I suggest you at least test it out in a few games and see what happens.

In terms of alterations, clone sounds good but it most definitely is not. Originally I tried xbow instead of mortar but the cost really doesn’t help it here, considering I usually used mortar reactionarily. I’ve also tried fireball in place of poison which works alright. A big advantage of fireball in this deck is it can shred 3m, which will become more popular after the buff, because fireballing or poisoning the king tower isn’t a huge deal and the mortar will usually finish the job. However, I wouldn’t recommend doing that in 2v2, unless your teammate is also using a siege deck.

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