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redditHow tornado lowers the skill gap

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When it was first added, I'm sure we all thought tornado was a good idea. A card that can move your opponents troops is destined to be a high skill card with cool strategies attached to it. Over time though, people started to realize how powerful an uncounterable displacement that covers the entire map is a pretty powerful thing to have. They "nerfed" the card by making the effect last half the time, but also double the pull strength so it basically did nothing. It is now seen in pretty much every architype because it allows you to go completely overagressive on offence and then defend with tornado and a splash card.

Tornado has completely taken over the meta lately and in my opinion it is the soul reason why the meta is so defined. So many cards and card combos just don't work because the opponent can just use ice wizard tornado and stop everything. Every single player has to play their miner or goblin barrel in the "safe spot" in fear that you can get a king tower activation while taking minimal damage. If you play a hog rider, you give the opponent a +1 elixir advantage and king tower for the entire match. And it seems that everyone using tornado also runs a building therefore the king tower gets great value as well. Defensively tornado is the best card to ever come into the game. It can basically remove all margin for error for a small 3 elixir. Miss the pull on a balloon? Don't worry, tornado it to your building. Golem player lightnings to get their golem to your tower? Don't worry, just tornado it off. Hog rider coming down the lane and you have 1 elixir? Don't worry, just wait 2 seconds and pull it to your king tower for a free activation. It completely destroys offensive decks that rely on pressure to defend your pushes. As a mainly 2.6 player, I play a tornado + building deck about 25% of my matches and it is generally unbeatable. It doesn't matter if I ice golem+hog+fireball their building because they can just pull my hog rider away and get a positive trade.

For over a year people have complained that xbow decks are toxic because they are too defensive. I understand how defensive playstyles can be frustrating to play against but I don't understand why we give graveyard decks the pass. Using Bomb tower Ice wizard and Baby dragon in combination with tornado does not create a skillful defensive playstyle, it creates an unstoppable wall that can easily beat anything. Splashyard is the most toxic deck that has ever entered the meta in my opinion because players will wait up to FOUR MINUTES before ever even playing an offensive card. Pairing the best defense with an easy chip damage card like graveyard+poison is extremely frustrating to play against and it all stems out off the tornado's power on defense.

And maybe if it was only powerful on defense it would be okay, but where it becomes even more frustrating is on offence. Playing your units in perfect positioning to avoid spell value and giving their support units value is a skill that should be rewarded. Instead, the offensive player can spend 3 elixir and pull your entire defense that was strategically placed into a single spot to kill them. It is extremely infuriating to play a musketeer and have to spam cycle to get back to another one just because I know there's no way I can save this one. At least with spells like lightning and fireball it will cost more and the radius isn't the size of the sun. There is genuinely no way to protect your units from tornado because if you play cards to block their troops, it is likely that it's gonna splash onto your ranged attacker anyway. Even if you do protect it, you just played a minitank into a golem+mini pekka+night witch+baby dragon push so it's not gonna get any value and now you have no elixir or defense on the field. The worst culprit is electro giant. A card that is defended solely defended by proper positioning is only made viable by the introduction of tornado into the decks. I really don't understand how a card like this passed testing. It completely nullifies inferno dragon because there's no way to actually make it do anything. Trying to dps it down with your ranged units is impossible because they can just pull it into range for them to die. These new beatdown archetypes that run tornado completely ruin the game in my opinion because of their cheap powerful offence and cheap powerful defense.

I propose that tornado receives the same treatment as log and barb barrel and can only be played on your side of the arena. I still think it would be very viable because of it's defensive value and it should mainly be a defensive card. I don't see how this can be disagreed with as I have personally never seen a high skill offensive tornado. Tornadoing a tank away so your xbow or mortar can connect is not high skill. Tornadoing your opponents ranged units into your push for basically a 3 elixir rocket is not high skill. Tornadoing your opponents defense onto their tower for free splash damage to win the game is not high skill. All these plays are cheap, easy, and uncounterable and should not be allowed.

I'd like to see what others think as I haven't really heard many opposing opinions. If you have another fix I would love to hear it.

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