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reddit[Strategy] PEKKA Bridge spam: how to use.

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Hello everyone, HR here. Today, comes, in my opinion, an overdue, very much requested strategy post: PEKKA BS. This has been a frequent request for a little while so, I hope you guys enjoy and, comment down below what other decks you would like to see.

Deck Rating:

F2P friendliness: Medium: (4/10)

I put this as a medium for how F2P friendly it is just because there are so many legendary cards in the deck. You are going to have some trouble maxing this deck out no matter what. That being said, it seems to be a rock solid deck, not even changing one card since 2017. Once it’s maxed, it is certainly the only deck you will ever need.

Skill rating: High Macro, medium micro:

Understanding when to are able to pressure and when to just use your elixir on defense is very important for this deck. Remember how I said in Miner, there’s a difference between pressure and throwing everything at the bridge? Well, that difference with this deck is what is the difference between pro level BS players and beginners.

Unlike Miner, you have more stable cards to defend with and a big tank that shreds other big tanks. But making sure he doesn’t get distracted still takes some skill and noticing where to place everything to ensure that PEKKA stays alive and on the right troop.

Offense ability: High

You have a lot of quick punishment troops in this deck. A fast paced offense and strong ability to attack quickly is what makes this deck so effective.

Defense: Medium-Low

Many control decks which use either the PEKKA or the Mega Knight will have an interesting defense. Because they are more built to go aggressive, the defense will consist of a tank killer, a splash troop, and a stun card or swarm for infernos or special threats. All you need to do is play those cards properly for a decent defense because the opponent wasn’t always able to go on both offense to build something tower threatening up, and defense to stop them from loosing a tower themselves at the same time.

General Game Plan


PEKKA Bridge spam is quite a heavy deck. Single elixir may be a bit tricky, based on certain matchups, but the main goal of these first two minutes is too get a feel of how the opponent goes on offense. Do they make an investment play with a tank, do they try to punish the opponent, or do they try to defend and patiently wait for a big counter attack advantage. Understanding the offense of the opponent is crucial to stopping it in its tracks.

After the first minute of cards are played, start to apply very small amounts of pressure. Make sure the pressure is able to keep up with your elixir bar. This will help you gain full control of the match in double. For defense, avoid playing the PEKKA if you can in single. Try to use other methods for both tanking and DPS.


Now that double elixir time has started, apply firm and constant pressure to the opponent. Make sure that the card timing is spread out so the elixir which was used to take out one card doesn’t immediately take out another. If they go on offense, you can now use your PEKKA to DPS the main threats if necessary. Support the PEKKA and then utilize that counter attack to force a ton of elixir out of the opponent. These counter pushes will be threatening and the opponent will have a hard time to defend them even in double elixir.

2:00-1:00 SD

Not too much changes here, except for the fact that you want to lean less on direct offense and a bit more on counter pushes. Still apply some direct presssure, especially with bandit, but the PEKKA tanking for a Battle Ram + Magic Archer + Electro Wizard is quite a threatening push. You can also use your spells to help dictate what they can and cannot place on offense, so that the PEKKA and the Battle Ram both have easier times connecting. Use the Magic Archer on support troops and let the Geometry score some tower damage if your opponent is catching up or maintaining a damage lead.


At this point, you have a major advantage over most decks. You can now almost completely unload your elixir at the bridge and still be able to defend. Keep the pressure as high as possible and find whatever ways possible to get some damage. Go for a Magic Archer at the bridge if you think you can allow it to get some chip damage. Always get spell value and otherwise, rinse and repeat until the tower falls.

Matchup: From the worst, according to Royale API

I’m not surprised. You literally have two troop card that can deal splash damage to these bait cards, and that’s Magic Archer and ghost or Dark Prince. You have to protect Archer like a princess for this matchup. Poison the Recruits and Flying Machine and then PEKKA the Royal Hogs, so you take as little damage as possible from them.

Don’t let them comfortably play the Royal Recruits. If the opponent is going to place them, then make it in a strange position by pressuring the opponent. Once the Recruits are down, poison them and as many troops as possible. PEKKA the piggies and get a major counter push going with Magic Archer and Battle Ram. Poison to protect your push, and that should be tower down, since not many of those troops can survive the poison.

Oh, how fun. You already know this deck. Just like every other beatdown deck, they dislike defending. The second you suspect that you have this matchup, apply hard pressure. Force them to defend or get essentially 3 crowned.

On defense, PEKKA and Magic Archer will be everything. Poison the monstrosity of a push they have when it reaches the bridge and then Dark Prince + Magic Archer. The Elixir Golem should be dead, and then the battle healer as well. If you have to, use an Electro Wizard. Be ready for those Elite Barbarians, and PEKKA when they come out. If they take only one tower, but don’t 3 crown you, it’s alright. You can apply more pressure in OT and take two then.

This matchup is a little more tricky for the bridge spam player because Tesla, skeleton, Ice Golem, Ice Spirit, and a combination of them all make a bad time for the PEKKA to defend against the X-bow. Whatever they don’t use to build their X-bow offense, they now have everything else to work with on defense, and they can even cycle back if they need to.

One thing that X-bow players hate though, is a very big push. Play an Electro Wizard in the back whenever they have X-bow on offense. Once they play down the X-bow, put your PEKKA right in front of the tower in the same lane. While he’s walking up to the Tesla, plant a Dark Prince and a Battle Ram. Poison the remains and the X-bow push should be dismantled, and they now have to respond to whatever is left. Repeat this process a lot, being sure to get tower damage off of the poisons from the X-bow. Don’t give them fireball value off of the Magic Archer and the tower so that your poisons can give you a damage lead. If they out cycle your PEKKA, play a poison and play whatever troops you have until the X-bow is dead.

Last Minute Tips:

  • Rarely play PEKKA in single elixir. Only time where you should need to anyways is if a Golem or Giant player goes for their tank in single. Otherwise, keep the fella for double elixir time, where building a counter attack is better.

  • Understand when Magic Archer sniping is valuable and when it’s an overspend. The Magic Archer can be a huge help against games where none of your pressure is effectively dealing damage. Make sure though, that your up on elixir and that the Magic Archer is able to be protected, like the way you would protect a princess. That maximizes the damage and can be crucial to tougher matchups when done, and can also be a instant loss depending on how it goes.

  • Use your crown tower’s health and damage as a resource. Sometimes, the opponent will go in with something or have a counter push that does deal some damage but won’t put your tower in too much danger. In this case, it’s best to just leave it and try to force extra elixir out of the opponent and even up the damage.

Thanks for reading and comment down below!


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