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Cannon rework idea: opinions / criticisms

Soul Crusher

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I use a 2.8 hog cycle deck, not the standard 2.6, although I do also use the cannon. However, I feel that whilst the cannon is good for distracting hogs/ royale hogs, it feels like it doesn't really offer a great defensive potential - only a small distraction, though this may have been the aim of the cannon when it was created in Clash Royale.

What I am thinking is changing the cannon to the burst shot cannon from Clash of Clans builder base, with a .5 tile radius reduction. This would allow for better anti-hog defenses, with an increased skill cap due to the small radius change. There may have to be other balances such as health changes, what are peoples ideas?

What are peoples opinions and criticisms on this idea? Please be constructive.

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